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Midwives are listed on this page free of charge in exchange for signing up their clients to one year's membership of HAS.  Listing does not imply HAS endorsement and we reserve the right to refuse advertising.   

How do I choose a midwife?

This page has a list of independent midwives who are currently working in the Sydney and surrounding areas (including as far north as Newcastle, west to the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands and south to Wollongong!)

When you are choosing an independent midwife, it is important that you select one who is suited to you and your family. You can ask to meet with a potential midwife or talk to them on the telephone or via skype and ask a lot of questions before you decide.

It is advisable to interview about 3 midwives (who are not from the same group practice) so that you can not only get a broad range of personalities to see who you click with, but so you can have a variety of prices, terms and conditions with which to make a balanced decision. We strongly advise you to stick with the midwives who are listed with HAS as we refuse to advertise any midwife with a poor reputation with consumers!

It‘s a good idea to start talking to midwives as early as possible in your pregnancy so that they can get to know you and your family well before your birth. As there are a limited number of independent midwives in Sydney and surrounding areas, they can get booked out a long time in advance.

However, even if you are late in your pregnancy and would like to have a homebirth, don’t hesitate to call the midwives on our list for advice and recommendations. Homebirth midwives are very committed to helping women during pregnancy and birth, and they are great sources of support and advice.

How much does a Midwife cost?

Most independent midwives charge between $4000 and $6000, which includes prenatal visits, attendance during your labour and birth, and post-natal visits for up to six weeks.

When speaking to midwives you should clarify with them what their fees include:
*Some midwives work solo, others have another midwife they work with in tandem;
*Some will attend to you at your home for every prenatal visit, others will require you to see them for most prenatal visits at their clinic;
*Some will include birth pool hire and/or placenta encapsulation as part of their fee, others you will need to hire your own birth pool and/or may not do placenta encapsulation;
*Some midwives are Medicare eligible so that you get a percentage refunded by the government, others are not (but may be cheaper to allow for this).
These are the kind of questions you will need to ask. For these and more questions to ask when interviewing a midwife, see our 'Guide to Choosing a Midwife' down the bottom of the 'Find a Midwife' page.

Many midwives have a great resource library of books, DVDs and materials for support people, partners and siblings.

Some private health insurers provide a rebate for midwifery or home nursing services so check with your health fund (Australian Unity and Defense Health have a reputation for giving the highest rebates, but please check). If you are reading this before you become pregnant, check with your insurer as you may want to switch funds to have access to a refund.

If you are enrolled in a publicly funded homebirth program through a public hospital, your homebirth is fully covered by Medicare.

Guide to Choosing a Midwife

Please refer to the comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Midwife (attached at the bottom of this page) for questions to ask midwives you interview.

This guide can be used when selecting any birth caregiver - an obstetrician, birth centre, hospital based homebirth program or independent midwife.

Also at the bottom of this page is a referral guide if you have a concern or complaint about your midwife.

Independent midwives in Sydney & Surrounds

Ella May Centre, The
[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]

Melanie Jackson
Location: Western Suburbs & Blue Mountains
Phone: 0425 280 6820425 280 682

Emma Fitzpatrick: Midwife in Private Practice
[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]

Location: Western Sydney, The Hawkesbury and The Blue Mountains areas
Phone: 0432724103

Hazel Keedle

Location: Orange & Central NSW
Mobile: 0408 661 5030408 661 503

iBirth - Intimate Birth & Beginnings
[Midwives @ Sydney & Beyond]

Janine O'Brien
Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs
Mobile: 0422 969 9610422 969 961

Jo Hunter: Homebirth Midwife

Location: Blue Mountains and Sydney
Phone: (02) 47519840(02) 47519840; 0412 315 2280412 315 228

New Beginnings Midwifery Practice
[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]

Robyn Dempsey
Location: North Ryde
Phone: 9888 7829

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]

Jane Palmer
Location: Dundas Valley
Phone: 0414814686

Sheryl Sidery

Location: Northern beaches through to the Eastern suburbs.
Phone: 0409760548

With Woman Midwifery Care

Rachele Meredith
Location: Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Southern Sydney, Shoalhaven & Canberra.
Phone: 0421 721 4970421 721 497


Hospital Based Homebirth Programs


Wollongong Hospital Homebirth Service

Location: Helensburgh to Kiama region.
Phone: 0242534256

Belmont Midwifery Group Practice Homebirth Program (New Lambton Heights)

Location: Hunter and New England area
Phone: 49232291


Where To Go With Concerns About Your Midwife

For money matters:

NSW Department of Fair Trading
Lodge a Complaint 13 32 20

For matters of conduct:

Health Care Complaints Commission
How To Make a Complaint 1800 043 1591800 043 159

Nurses & Midwives Board NSW (02) 9219 0222(02) 9219 0222

Whichever Professional Association They Are A Member Of:

Australian College of Midwives (NSW Branch) 02 9281 952202 9281 9522

Australian Private Midwives Association

Australian Society of Independent Midwives (02) 9888 7829(02) 9888 7829










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